Harnessing technology to empower clients


By improving the respondent sourcing and sampling process, WE provide essential analytics to drive smarter decisions

By delivering Hummingbird, Lightspeed’s proprietary workflow system, we MAKE the project management process automated and efficient

By developing the technology, we provide reliable and accurate global market RESEARCH results to ensure that we find the right people at the right time.

By providing one common platform for multiple research needs, we offer an EASY solution to
accessing full, multidimensional research data.


Industry-leading technology powers our solutions

Lightspeed is committed to continuous, innovative development of scalable technology solutions that exceed market expectations and address the principal issues of online panel quality, rapid delivery and global capacity. We are working hard to develop and acquire the necessary technical infrastructure and tools to broadly exploit our product offerings to serve our clients.

We strongly believe that the forces of change occurring within the online research and digital markets will continue to accelerate rapidly, and that future success will be dependent on the implementation of innovative technologies grounded in science and sound research methods. These principles help guide Lightspeed’s innovative strategies and are very much a part of our DNA.

At Lightspeed, we want our survey participants to be able to collaborate with us on the device of their choice. We have conducted extensive research on research into the impact of mobile data collection on survey results, and for this reason we have invested extensively in the development of our mobile offer. Built on the same platform used to conduct mobile surveys, Lightspeed Mobile is an integrated solution for various data collection methodologies. To learn more about our mobile offering, click here.