What It's Like

What It’s Like

Employee insights on working at Lightspeed Research

Derek – United Kingdom

Favorite Movie: Leon

Favorite Band: Arctic Monkeys

I used the education I paid for and got a good return on it! Lightspeed Research gave me an opportunity straight out of university and has rewarded me for my hard work – and I haven’t looked back. The possibility to progress and develop a career is here as long as you are ready to seize it.

Karen – Australia

Favorite Movie: The Notebook (yes I know I’m sad)

Favorite Band: Pretty much anything in the 80’s

Working at Lightspeed Research has allowed me to meet intelligent, talented and fun-loving people which all helps to create such a great working environment that we currently share.

Ryan – Korea

Favorite Team: Korean Women’s Handball Team

Favorite Singer: Bob Marley

Most occupations focus on only their specific area, but the market research industry is one of the rare occupations that provides the opportunity to work with several different industries. There’s always a new challenge to get to know the products or services of our clients.

Mary – United States

Favorite Movie: The Departed

Favorite Team: New York Jets

The best part of working at Lightspeed Research is that the nature of the business often demands teamwork. The cross-departmental collaboration allows for unity within the company which ultimately makes working here that much more enjoyable!

Maya – United Kingdom

Favorite Movie: The Godfather

Favorite Band: Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Nirvana

Working at Lightspeed Research taught me a lot about the market research industry as a whole and the intricate specificities it entails. It’s fascinating to discover how different our clients are and how their requests and expectations vary, but it’s even more thrilling to slalom through these with an amazing ease and speed. The best of all is that I have the opportunity to work with some great professionals with a remarkable amount of knowledge and experience. That has been crucial to my professional development.