Please join us on the 7th October 2015 for our latest expert briefing where you will find out about the latest research tools and techniques that are available to help you maximise the effectiveness of your online research.

Presented by:
Tobias Sturt, Creative Director, GraphicDeviceAgnostic_WeMakeResearchEasy_tall
Adam Frost, Content Director Graphic

Jon Puleston, VP Innovation, Lightspeed GMI
Satsuki Suzuki, Graphic Designer, Lightspeed GMI

Re-inventing brand tracking: What should we be actually measuring in brand tracking research? Jon Puleston will explore the science of brand equity measurement and challenge some of the industry conventions on how and what we measure.

The chart, icon & infographics experiments: Satsuki Suzuki our graphic designer, along with guest speaker Adam Frost from Graphic will present a summary of our latest ESOMAR paper based on primary research exploring the science of visual communication.

We use charts, icons and visuals on a daily basis across the market research industry, we instinctively know they have an important role to play in communicating information, but surprisingly little has been done in way of research to properly investigate the real impact they have and how best to use them.

We will present highlights from our latest ESOMAR paper based on a major research collaboration between QuestionArts, the research innovation unit at Lightspeed GMI and Graphic, Kantar’s newly acquired digital design agency specialising in infographic design. It presents some unique ground breaking primary research, with over 68 experiments interviewing over 10,000 respondents looking to understand of the role that charts, icons, visuals and infographics have in both the gathering an delivery of research information.

7 October

8.30am – 11am

Westminster, London

Registration is free but places are limited. To RSVP please click here.