Global Sample Audiences


Globally, our panelists provide a wide range of valuable data about habits, characteristics and behaviors that aid in survey targeting. This allows for quick and accurate feasibility. Through our panel, we are able to provide you with ready-to-survey pre-profiled consumers to answer your most critical research questions in markets worldwide.

Global panel reach:

Our Lightspeed panels represent more than 5.5 million panelists across 45 countries.

Global representative sample:

With Lightspeed’s diverse panels of high-quality, highly profiled panelists from around the world, we can quickly obtain the opinions of your target audience on their device of choice, including millennials, B2B/IT, Finance and healthcare.

Actively managed and deeply profiled panels:

Lightspeed’s panels are carefully managed, profiles are regularly updated, and we adhere to strict quality standards. With demanding recruitment methods, we closely monitor recruitment sources to ensure respondent quality by utilizing fraud detection, location-verification and proprietary de-duplication technology. We excel at reaching and engaging our respondents to significantly reduce quality issues such as straightlining and survey abandonment.

Highly engaged panelists:

Lightspeed Survey Design Services and Mobile Solutions ensure thoughtful responses, deliver authentic insights and experience higher response rates.