Listen and Learn: See the big picture
with consumer panels

How can we see the big picture with consumer panels? In our complex world, the accelerating pace of innovation and technology creates a struggle between current business needs and planning for the ‘next big thing.’ This growing trend has overwhelming implications for organizational strategy and development.

Marketing research is an exercise to find truths in consumer behavior and attitudes. Unlike traditional survey methods, online surveys are an effective research method to efficiently tap customer attitude and behavior patterns in real time — allowing you to plan for the next big thing, while capturing timely, critical input.

Listen: Capture authentic insights

Consumers are in control. By listening to respondents input, you are identifying opportunities for growth and enhancing your product design.

Respondents sourced from a panel have several advantages over those sourced from ‘river’ or dynamic sample, including:

  • Panelists are motivated respondents who join to assist with research.
  • Loyalty and retention programs fostered through established incentives produce thoughtful, honest feedback from respondents.
  • Panels reach a validated, representative sample to maximize campaign efforts and capture a fully transparent, analytics-based strategy.

Branding is everything, but a brand with a strong personal connection will influence the ‘next big thing.’

Learn: Shifting insights to action

Consumers and the insights they offer are more complex than ever. Through targeted demographics, online panels can accurately capture consumer behavior and insights. To optimize the data collection experience, market researchers measure engagement across multiple platforms (laptops, PCs, mobile phones and tablets) and multiple screens. More screens increases the potential opportunities for quality respondents.

With millions of daily users and brands increasingly employing social marketing for consumer engagement, incorporating social data into market research is more critical than ever before. While gaining in-depth insights into your audience has always been an important goal, a new level of understanding is also needed to achieve a fuller picture.

Moving discussions online offers a significant cost and efficiency advantage, as dialogue can be generated, observed and guided in a situation that resonates with us as socially driven online users. Consumer panels provide the big picture – consumer connection, insights, actionable data and research optimization.


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