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What Millennial Parents REALLY Want For The Holidays

What will the influential Millennial demographic be looking for this holiday season? A study by The Family Room LLC, in partnership with FocusVision and Lightspeed GMI, recently explored of the new roles and relationships that exist in Millennial families and the remarkable differences from Gen X. Some of these behaviors will directly affect holiday decision-making this season.

So what matters most to Millennial moms and dads? Here is what they really want for the holidays:The Modern Family Report explores millennial shopping behaviors

  • Time: 48 percent of Millennial moms and dads say the one thing they need more of is time. Time with their children, time with each other, time to get things done, and time to relax.
  • Friendship: About 60 percent of Millennial parents say they want to be “best friends” with their kids. And to be clear, the “kids” we are talking about are their 7-12 year olds.
  • Education: 58 percent of parents ranked “a child who is equipped with the academic, social, and spiritual skills to flourish in life” as their top priority. This desire for a well-educated and balanced child outweighed even things like greater safety and security, or a great president.

George Carey, CEO and Founder of The Family Room summed it up this way: “If you want to get Millennial parent’s attention over the holiday season and really understand the core drivers of their decision making process, you need only to remember two things:  ‘My Kids’ and ‘My Family.’  This is the most inwardly looking generation we have ever seen, and if what you have to say to them does not in some way tie back to their children or the sanctity of family, it is going to be pretty tough going.”

This shift away from traditional, straight consumerism will have a significant impact on holiday shopping behaviors, as families strive to find more ways to spend time together and become closer, rather than spend money on expensive gifts.

About The Family Room LLC
The Family Room, LLC is a strategic research, brand strategy, and new product innovation consultancy specializing in Millennial kids, parents, and families.  We help our clients understand millennial families, reframe their categories, and renew their brands through an advanced understanding of modern family decision making.

About Lightspeed GMI
Lightspeed GMI is an award-winning global digital data collection enterprise. Founded in 1996, its innovative technology and proven sampling methodologies deliver operational excellence throughout the online research process. With more than 5.5 million online research respondents in 45 countries, Lightspeed GMI’s proprietary panels deliver unparalleled quality, capacity and targeting. Headquartered in Warren, New Jersey, Lightspeed GMI is part of the Kantar, the data investment management arm of WPP, the world leader in marketing communication services.

About FocusVision
FocusVision is the leading global provider of qualitative and quantitative technology solutions to the market research industry, providing an online survey platform, research facility video streaming, webcam focus groups, ethnography streaming and mobile device usability studies. Our services allow research professionals to engage with respondents in any place, at any time.  FocusVision has more than 300 employees and offices in the US, the UK, Bulgaria, Brazil, Australia and Singapore.

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