What you need to know about online
market research panels

By connecting attitudinal and behavioral data with deeply profiled panel of research respondents, online market research panels provide a complete picture of the digital consumer.

Utilizing online sample

Online panels supply insightful information through surveys, mobile behavior, purchase data, health screenings, social media, and profile data. Your digital data collection is a summation of consumer feedback – laying the foundation for better decision-making with reduced risk.

Panelists provide insight into their everyday behaviors – they tell us what they eat, who they talk to, where they shop, what they buy and where they work. Loyalty and retention programs fostered through established incentives produce thoughtful, honest feedback from respondents; unique respondent validation processes identify and prevent over-reporters from entering studies and ultimately deliver improved data integrity. When combined with engaging survey designs, online panels produce reliable consumer insights that help guide informed, strategic business decisions.

Pitfalls of online sample

Without the assurance of a deeply profiled panelist, data can significantly be impacted by dishonest, over-reporters. Data problems are prominent in emerging marketing as over-reporting is higher in countries like China and India. These issues are often amplified when using dynamic or ‘river’ sample, where fewer information about respondents is collected and controlling for representative sample is often overlooked. Not only do online panels offer enhanced respondent validation and data quality controls to alleviate common data concerns, but they also offer the ability to control for common variables such as age, gender, household income, region, and more in order to deliver the most representative sample based on your target customer population.

The extensive range of benefits this platform offers is ever-expanding – from authentic insights to real-time results. Brands are finding online sample provides the ability to engage with consumers on a deeper and more personal level while boosting loyalty at the same time. The breadth and global reach of online market research panels is one of the greatest benefits for companies and researchers alike.


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