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Completion Rates on Mobile Devices

mobile_phoneInfluential Factors on Survey Outcomes: Length of Survey, Device Selection and External Elements
By Efrain Ribeiro, Chief Research Officer and Stefan Kuegler, Director Mobile Research

Many external factors can affect survey completion time: Wi-Fi access, location and network connectivity. The length of a survey (LOI) has been linked with the overall completion rate and data quality. Consumers can now choose to a complete a survey on various types of Internet accessible devices. Read more…


Mobile Insights

Increasingly, it is difficult to collect representative sample without the inclusion of mobile respondents. Lightspeed GMI is an expert at designing device agnostic surveys that help you achieve the best results from your research.

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Case Study: Data Integrity – An International Market Research Firm’s Struggle for Data Quality

When an international market research firm measured electronic purchasing behavior through another vendor, the validity of data collection in China came into question. The previous results indicated claimed purchase data that did not match actual market share data. Lightspeed GMI recommended employing Honesty Detector as a method to ensure honest, insightful responses.

Product Marketing Director, Tiama HD Fowler, focused on delivering quality respondents and quality responses utilizing Lightspeed GMI’s online respondent validation product. Through the removal of over-reporters and dishonest panelists, our client was confident the data received was trustworthy. Click here to read the results.

“We are extremely pleased with the data collected from this study and will be using Honesty Detector on future work.”


Case Study: Hit Your Brand Bullseye – A Target Case Study Using Passive Crowdsourcing among Facebook Fans

Social media listening only focuses on what consumers are saying, yet it’s only one piece of the picture for understanding your target consumer. Lightspeed GMI’s Context provides a more holistic view of the consumer by leveraging the Facebook ‘likes’ of a brand and its competitor brand fans. For this case study, we teamed up with our client Ameritest to demonstrate how mining social media’s visual content leads to understanding Target’s emotional positioning and identifies imagery that can be turned into motivating advertising.

As a ‘true’ millennial, Lightspeed GMI’s Ellen Pieper leveraged her knowledge of Lightspeed GMI’s social intelligence platform to deliver guidance on Target’s growth strategy. An integral part of the account team, Ellen drives multiple aspects of Lightspeed GMI Context’s sales operations – providing a new way for clients to see social.


The Science of Prediction: P = QxEx(1-D)xOxR


Jon Puleston, Lightspeed GMI’s Vice President of Innovation, is one of the industry’s main thought leaders in the field of survey design methodology. His award-winning research examines how to design better online surveys, explores ways of more effectively engaging respondents in online research and applies gamification to consumer research.

Recently, at the 2014 ESOMAR Congress, Jon and Hubertus Hofkirchner presented Predicting the Future: Primary Research Exploring the Science of Prediction. Exploring the science of prediction and looking at how prediction techniques could be more effectively integrated in market research, this paper represents six months of ground-breaking research.

To read Jon’s introduction to the science of prediction, click here. The complete paper is available for purchase at


ApplePay Awareness High, but Security Concerns Remain

Six weeks after the launch of ApplePay, nearly half of U.S. consumers were aware of the new mobile payment service, though less than five percent of customers at leading U.S. banks were using ApplePay for purchases, a recent Lightspeed Financial Services Group study revealed.

Conducted by Greg Flemming, Senior Vice President, this study provides strategic insights into consumer financial behavior. Greg utilized his extensive experience with consumer and customer research, including customer satisfaction, new product development, and customer segmentation. Read more…


2014 Review and 2015 Preview

Research-live invited key industry figures to evaluate 2014 industry trends and deliver their predictions for 2015. Take a moment to read EMEA Chief Executive Officer Martin Filz’s thoughts on the current direction of market research and his forecast for 2015. Click here to access these feature articles.


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 At Lightspeed GMI, the strengths we share around the world – our core standards – allow us to facilitate a deep understanding of consumer opinions and behavior. From innovative technology to proven sampling methodologies, our authentic insights measure millions of respondents in North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.

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