Mobile Surveys

Mobile Surveys

Be where your respondents are

Harness the power of mobile for your research needs. Extensive mobile access among consumers and rapid advances in mobile technology provide distinct advantages for certain project types. Lightspeed Research built Lightspeed Mobile on the same state-of-the-art platform used to conduct its online surveys. The result – one integrated solution for various data collection methodologies.

Lightspeed Mobile is the ideal research solution for:

  • Enhanced Reach
    Lightspeed Mobile connects you to hard-to-reach segments of the population who prefer mobile communication: young adults, travelers, tech savvy and affluents.
  • Diary and Consumption Studies
    Receive accurate and descriptive consumption or brand engagement data by enabling the respondent to capture experiences in real-time. The diary can be completed in offline mode any time a wireless signal cannot be accessed.
  • In-the-Moment Response
    Because respondents typically participate in mobile surveys almost immediately, you can take the pulse of respondents as they experience an event.
  • Push Surveys
    Lightspeed Mobile can push surveys to pre-identified respondents at select times through an on-screen notification on our mobile app. Surveys can be removed at specific times as well.
  • Multi-modal Deployment
    Deployment of mobile-optimised surveys via both online and mobile allows flexibility in research design and increases reach. 

A pre-screened mobile panel ready to take surveys

We have applied our wealth of experience managing online panels to build a mobile panel worthy of the Lightspeed name. Our double-opted-in, deeply profiled, and regularly engaged Lightspeed Mobile Panel is specifically built to support mobile research projects.

Gain a complete picture with mobile passive data

A subsection of our Mobile Panel has opted in to passively share their mobile usage and data. This provides researchers with a powerful tool that ties attitudinal data to behavioural data. Researchers can also survey respondents who perform specific actions or visit specific mobile sites.

Globally accessible

Lightspeed Mobile is capable of collecting data through a native app and through the mobile web. Our surveys are globally accessible, supporting 94% of the world’s mobile operating systems:
GMI Mobile

In addition to smartphones, our surveys are compatible with feature phones, which significantly expand mobile research capabilities in Latin America, Africa, The Middle East, and Asia Pacific.


  • Quick polls
    Setup, program and launch with results available within hours.
  • Standard mobile surveys
    Program and launch within as little as 1 business day and have complete results back in 1-2 days.
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