Lightspeed Context

Lightspeed Context

A New Way to See Social

The social intelligence market research solution from the global online panel experts


With millions of daily users and brands increasingly using social marketing for consumer engagement, incorporating social data into market research is more critical than ever before. Designed for marketers, product managers and advertisers, Lightspeed Context connects you to the digital consumer. As a complete social data solution, Lightspeed Context builds a 360 degree view of audiences by combining Facebook “Likes”, survey data and profiling data.

Created specifically for the primary research phase, Lightspeed GMI Context is a transparent and accessible research solution that makes sense of social data.

  • Add Facebook “Likes” for your survey respondents to help uncover insights not found via traditional surveys
  • Analyze traditional primary research with today’s social context
  • View single source data and attitudinal data for the same respondents
  • Improve accuracy of targeting by inviting people who have liked specific pages or categories


  • Explore 100m+ “Likes” across more than 13m Context panelists
  • Unlimited ability to filter and analyze “Likes” at the category or brand/page level
  • Export any view in presentation-ready format (SPSS, CSV)
  • Upload “Likes” of survey respondents and view social data in an interactive way