Consumer Profiles

Highly Validated, Permission-Based Respondents

With our Profiles Network consisting of 88 million respondents across 70 global markets, reach the people that matter most to your business at scale – for deeper human understanding.

We Know Our Panelists

When you engage with our proprietary, double opt-in (DOI) LifePoints panel, tap into 4,800 profile attributes – the largest in the industry. Connecting our profile attributes to your data sets enables a much richer understanding of who your customers are right from the get-go (before you’ve event asked a single survey question). They also provide a smart, cost-effective way to target a survey audience.

Our specific panel attributes* include, but aren’t limited to:

Technology Adoption & Preferences

Financial Status & Assets
Automotive Choice

Employment and Expertise
Healthcare & Ailments


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At Kantar, we only work with permission-based panelists and ensure data collection is done in respect of data protection regulations around the world. So, whether it’s our DOI panelists or our programmatic supply, you can be rest-assured that quality and compliance underpin everything we do.

*attributes vary per market and live by 2020