Enhanced Sample

Richer Profiles of People for Deeper Human Understanding

Enhance your datasets and extend the value of your research investments by connecting profiles of real people to other sources of data.

Kantar is uniquely positioned to provide you with access to unique audiences you can’t find anywhere else. Our Enhanced Sample respondent reach is built with 45 million richer respondent profiles globally for whom we have an existing, proprietary connection to non-survey-based data, such as ad exposure, digital behavior, psychographics and geo-location.

In addition to these data sources, use our first party data to gain deeper insights into the people that matter most. Access to up to 4,800 profiling attributes from our proprietary LifePoints panel – the largest number of attributes in the industry.

With Enhanced Sample you can:

  • Enrich your survey data with a wide variety of third-party consumer attributes for deeper insights
  • Create unique, targeted audiences for media targeting
  • Validate the quality of your audience segments for future campaign use
  • Gain even more insight by linking our permission-based first-party data, your CRM data and 3rd party data assets together
  • Measure ad effectiveness across different types of media

Have questions around our Enhanced Sample or how they can help maximize your survey investments? Reach out here.