Survey Programming

Lightspeed Survey Programming


QuestionArts programming ensures your survey is optimized for respondent experience and delivers enhanced data quality. Leveraging device detection abilities and simple to manage media testing (audio and visual) capabilities, your survey can reflect complex test requirements for today’s digital landscape. Complimented by a powerful yet simple user interface, our secure client portal provides real-time monitoring of live studies.

Our programming services include an award-winning suite of QuestionArts templates that have a robust set of features designed to yield improved data. Some of these features are: branch logic, secure media testing, randomization, display logic, complex quotas and email triggers, plus the ability to create surveys suitable for cross-platform data collection.

We combine our exceptional technology with a knowledgeable Client Services teams to help answer questions and 24/7 programming support with powerful reporting tools.


Lightspeed’s award-winning QuestionArts templates have been thoughtfully designed and extensively researched to ensure functionality across all devices. Designed by experts on how to ask questions, QuestionArts templates improve both data quality and panelist engagement.

As part of our overall commitment to quality and excellence, we have made QuestionArts programming part of our standard offering, enabling you to reach representative consumer populations across both mobile and PC devices.

QuestionArts programmed surveys lead to higher completion rates, increased respondent participation, and help produce richer data.


Mobile respondents are an increasingly large percentage of survey participants, yet many surveys are still written for a desktop computer. Working with Lightspeed will ensure you have an educated partner to help you adapt your survey for cross platform suitability. Most importantly, you start with QuestionArts programming components which are “Device Compatible” meaning you can reach respondents on their device.

We are here to help clients take advantage of gathering representative data in a multi-device consumer world. We also share tips on how to redesign surveys for a cross-platform world to aid you in designing surveys which have a common user experience and generate similar data regardless of device. We call these surveys “Device Agnostic,” where the survey is adapted with options for smaller screens, reduced column layouts and simple navigation. This adaption yields improved experiences on mobile surveys.


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