Extend the Value of Your Survey Data with Programmatic Advertising

At Kantar, we help you find creative ways of collecting and connecting data that provides additional value to your research projects or creates incremental revenue.

After using our high-quality survey scripting tools and respondents to identify target segments, turn your research derived by hundreds into audiences the size of millions for media activation. Kantar will help you take your audience segments defined through surveying and identify a scaled-up group of consumers online for advertisement targeting and measurement.

How it works:

  1. Survey + Segment: Pinpoint a segment of interest through a survey
  2. Scale: Identify an extended group of consumers that are most likely to in your target segment through advanced modeling
  3. Target + Activate: Deliver advertisements to these consumers online
  4. Measure: Execute brand-lift or sales-lift research to measure the results of the targeted campaign (and feed back into optimization)

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