Collect and Connect

Real People Providing Real Answers

Quickly obtain the opinions of the people who matter most at the right time, at the right price.

We collect from 88 million permission-based research ready respondents who have given permission to share data. With access to 45 million Enhanced Sample respondents globally, we’ll find you faster, more creative ways of connecting data sources to build richer people profiles across the globe.


Collect from our Profiles Network

Secure the right people for your projects utilizing our Profiles Network, including our highly profiled and engaged double opt-in (DOI) panelists from countries around the world. Automated sampling and detailed profiling capabilities allow us to quickly obtain the opinions of your target audience at scale, even for the most unique specifications – in as little as 24 hours.

In addition to ad hoc studies and trackers, our proprietary panels allow us to support reliable recontact studies, including Diaries, In-Home Use Tests (IHUT) and Product Tests. With the consistency of Kantar’s DOI panels and unique data quality measures, you can create reliable, normative databases.


Programming, Hosting & Fielding Services

Whether you’re in need of a one-stop-shop programming and fielding experience, or simply access to the right people, Kantar can support your research needs.

Learn more about Kantar’s survey design services and award-winning tools here and our sample-only services here.


Connect with Kantar’s Enhanced Sample

We’re smart about the data we are collecting. We integrate survey data with other insight sources at scale, including syndicated studies and behavioral data, to capture a holistic view of today’s consumer without asking a lot of questions.

By elevating your survey data with Enhanced Sample respondents enriched with third-party consumer attributes, you can better segment your customer database, personalize your customer communications and identify new markets. We use sources with the most relevant set of consumer classification data, such as:

  • Kantar’s advanced proprietary segmentations, including MotiveMix®, MindBase® and more
  • Acxiom Personicx Lifestage & Digital
  • Experian Mosaic
  • Wunderman Thompson Data’s AmeriLINK
  • And numerous other trusted, compliant data partners

You can trust the data you connect and collect with Kantar. We only work with permission-based respondents and ensure data collection is done in respect of data protection regulations around the world. We are an accredited data match partner for Google, and our platform for connecting data is also VSA accredited by Google.

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