Better Surveys = Better Data

Kantar uses proprietary techniques to ask the right questions, the right way.

When we help you frame your research questions through our consultative approach, you can get more data for the same cost while improving data return, quality and fun. Our experts can also help you navigate transitions to mobile friendly survey designs and explain the impact mobile respondents have on your data.


Survey Design

We give you the data you really want; your surveys will be efficiently designed, and questions will be on point when working with our expert teams. Know more by asking the right questions in the right way.  Learn more here.


Survey Programming Tools

We provide you with better information at a lower cost, faster. Your surveys will be compatible to any person’s device and will be loaded with rich, innovative features when you use Kantar’s Award-Winning and industry leading QuestionArts programming tools. Learn more here.


Integrating Technology into Survey Designs

Consumers continuously embrace and adapt to new technologies, and at Kantar we do, too.

From incorporating video open-ended responses and tracking emotional reactions, to utilizing conversational AI methodologies and local social networking platforms (such as WeChat), we embrace technology to help you connect with and deeply understand the people who matter to you most. Learn more here.


Best-In-Class Tracking Research Services

Kantar consults on tracker designs and fields accurate and reliable studies based on years of online research and panel experience. We provide clients a tailored research solution that delivers marketing insights, wave after wave.

We offer a full-scale review of your existing trackers, exploring areas for improvement including sampling, structure, question formats and design. We also enable you to create more effective advertising campaigns with our ad tracking solutions. Learn more here.


Use Our Tools, But Do It Yourself

Coming soon!

Quick. To the point. Effective. Kantar’s intuitive survey tool allows you to collect quality consumer feedback in real time.

  • Select the right audience for you
  • Create your survey in minutes
  • Reduce drop-off by asking 20 or fewer questions
  • Get rapid, real-time results

Currently in Private Beta for the US only. Click here if you’re interested in participating.