Integrated Technology Solutions

Deepen Your Understanding

Consumers continuously embrace and adapt to new technologies, and at Kantar we do, too.

Our solutions make it possible to blend qualitative and qualitative research methodologies to obtain a more in-depth understanding of your target audience. Start connecting with the people impacting your business decisions in meaningful ways through:


Video Open-Ended Responses

Capturing short videos in a survey is a powerful way to elicit deeper consumer insights that can enhance quantitative research projects. These self-completed videos enable detailed respondent input that can be gathered quickly, efficiently and at scale.


Tracking Emotional Reactions

Kantar offers researchers the ability to quantify emotion from our Profiles Network in real-time through Affectiva’s emotion recognition technology, built on an automated facial analytics system. Using algorithms that measure the movement of all 43 facial muscles, Affectiva’s system quantifies 20 facial expressions and seven emotions, the intensity of those emotions and if those emotions are positive or negative.


Conversational AI & Leveraging Local Social Platforms

Kantar leverages technologies like Chatbots to bridge the gap between qualitative and quantitative research practices. By gathering information in a conversational style, you can create a more interactive environment for respondents, resulting in deeper insights.

When you utilize a highly engaged respondent base on a social platform, such as Facebook or WeChat, you gain the ability to capture multimedia content from your audience within an environment they are already comfortable in.

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