Get Answers Fast… Make Decisions Faster with Quick Poll

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Get the reliable data you need through searching or by quickly polling.

With Kantar’s Quick Poll tools, you can eliminate asking questions in your surveys that others have already asked, get the much-needed pulse-check to direct your research project or obtain a quick data point for an urgent client pitch.

Why else should you Search?

  1. Complement your brand story: What have consumers said about your industry or brand previously? Does consumer feedback line up with your goals and revenue targets?
  2. Change your strategy in real time: You can leverage what consumers have already said and adjust your survey to what else you need to learn.
  3. Broaden your scope: Search data from a broad consumer base, then survey your target audience or vice versa.


Instant Data

Save time and money with instant access to a question that may have already been answered by searching from all of Kantar’s Quick Poll global data. We continually add questions, helping you to find answers before you need to ask. You’ll get access to charts and tables that can be downloaded and quickly added to your presentations.


Data in an Hour

One question. 1000 respondents. Actionable insight in under an hour.

Ask a single question to Kantar’s global panelists and get answers back fast. Questions are kept private for 30 days and then released to the broader search function for everyone’s use.

  • Available in over 40 countries
  • Results are weighted to national census data
  • Multiple aggregated charts and graphs are available for download

Currently in Private Beta only. Click here if you’re interested in participating or here for more information.