Survey Programming

Programming with Kantar’s QuestionArts ensures your survey is optimized for respondents on all devices, delivering a vastly improved user experience and enriched data quality. Through our QuestionArt’s Intelligent Components, we offer responsive and prescriptive design solutions to enhance interactive data collection across any screen size and orientation. Intelligent Components enable surveys to respond to a panelist’s device with rich, innovative features and an enhanced touch screen experience.

Our programming services include an award-winning suite of QuestionArts templates that have a robust set of features designed to yield improved data. Some of these features are: branch logic, secure media testing, randomization, display logic, complex quotas and email triggers, and most importantly, the ability to create Mobile First surveys suitable for cross-platform data collection.

We combine our exceptional technology with a knowledgeable Client Services teams to help answer questions and 24/7 programming support with powerful reporting tools.


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