Tracking Research Design


Kantar provides accurate and reliable tracking studies based on years of online research and panel experience. Our custom designed trackers ensure that we provide clients a tailored research solution that delivers marketing insights, wave after wave.

Kantar’s survey design experience ensures your trackers are designed to be effective across platforms and markets, giving you confidence you are reaching your target audience and achieving consistent high quality results – every time.


Global panels. With more than 88 million panelists and 2 billion data points, Kantar’s panels have the depth and breadth to handle all your tracker needs.

Global experience. Kantar handles more than 1,000 trackers each year, with more than 150,000 completes a month.

Award-winning survey design team. Our interactive toolset assists clients in developing well designed surveys.

Multi-device capabilities. Survey design teams ensure that your tracker can be completed across devices, delivering consistent and accurate results.

Structured tracker process. Our process ensures consistent sample.

Online reporting portal. Kantar provides reporting tools to maximize the benefit from your research.




Re-Track offers a full-scale review of your existing trackers, exploring areas for improvement including sampling, structure, question formats and design. By helping clients understand how effective their current trackers are and identifying areas that can be improved, Re-Track ensures optimal fieldwork design for tracking projects and large-scale ad hoc engagements. Re-Track explores tracker redesign, including sampling structure, question formats and design and makes updating and improving your tracker an effortless experience by running parallel studies to test the impact of study redesign on survey results.