Why Lightspeed

Leaders in Global Market Research

We make research easy.

We leverage our years of digital data collection and sample methodologies expertise to create customized research strategies based on your unique objectives. Lightspeed can efficiently program, translate and host online surveys of any level of complexity, quickly and professionally.

  • Our end-to-end survey services save time and money
  • Staffed by a highly skilled professional service team available to help you meet your deadlines and stay within your budget
  • Highly accessible customer service eager to help answer your research questions
  • Our goal is speed without sacrificing quality, with best practices built into the process

We deliver a broad range of high-quality, cost-effective market research services, including HTML and interactive survey programming, survey translation and hosting – giving you time to focus on research objectives and insights, not processes.


Lightspeed is the leading provider of online access panels for global market research. Our award-winning research supports Lightspeed’s commitment to provide the most innovative solutions in the industry. From healthcare specialists and financial services to mobile web survey platforms, Lightspeed offers a variety of global solutions and expert insights.


With more than 700 staff situated in 14 countries throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific, Lightspeed has extensive local market experience.


From attitudes and behaviors to exposure and profiling, Lightspeed delivers a 360 degree view of what consumers think, see and do through its comprehensive product suite.


Through deeply rooted, high quality panels, we partner with broad-reach portals and special interest sites, resulting in diverse panelist profiles. Our panelists are deeply profiled so that they can be easily matched to your research needs. We offer quick and accurate feasibility estimates based on our extensive understanding of our panelists.


At Lightspeed, we employ a comprehensive approach that is built upon our proprietary Quality Suite fieldwork quality methodology. Beginning with expert survey design, Lightspeed ensures high quality data output and delivery through expert data processing. Its premier product, Honesty Detector, adds critical quality control to externally sourced respondents.


By combining the general population strength from Lightspeed with the healthcare industry expertise and medical panels of Lightspeed All Global, the company has expanded its overall industry presence. Lightspeed All Global now represents the world’s largest population panel matched up with physician panels and payor panels to provide a complete picture of the healthcare landscape.


We are data experts focused on delivering technology enabled solutions on time, on budget and with an eye toward long term relationships. Our leadership teams, account managers and field representatives are highly experienced in their respective markets and have a firm grip on the business issues behind the research at hand.

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