Leadership Team

Caroline Frankum

Global Chief Executive Officer

Caroline has spent the last 24 years working in formidably successful commercial companies. She brings a uniquely holistic mix of client-side and agency-side business experience, derived from senior roles at leading Media, Market Research and Data Companies, including: Classic FM, The Mirror Group, Disney, ITV, Sky, Omnicom and Kantar. Her experience covers everything from launching new content channels and optimizing airtime and advertising schedules, to creating, informing and evaluating transformational strategies for optimizing survey targeting, data modelling, and media activation at scale.

Caroline originally joined Lightspeed in June 2016 as Chief Executive Officer, Europe, Middle East and Africa and made an immediate impact on Lightspeed’s growth, client management and operations strategies. Focusing on emerging business opportunities, she brought a fresh, more client-centric perspective to the business, which led to noticeable growth in Revenue, Profit, Client Satisfaction, and Employee Satisfaction in EMEA.

Today, Caroline is Lightspeed’s Global Chief Executive Officer, responsible for influencing and inspiring 700 employees, in 27 offices across 16 countries. Her biggest passion is understanding and motivating people to help businesses transform and grow in purposeful and profitable ways, This has led to her being voted a Top 10 MRX Diversity Champion by WIRE (Women In Research) in 2017, and a Financial Times HERoe for Championing Women in Business in 2018, ranking #18 out of the Global Top 100.

She holds a B.A. Hons business Management degree and a Market Research Diploma.

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