Leadership Team

Caroline Frankum

Global Chief Executive Officer

Caroline has more than 24 years of experience in consumer insight, working client-side for 15 years at leading commercial media organisations, including; Classic FM, Five, Jetix (part of Disney) and Sky, followed by seven years in senior roles at a global Market Research Agency. Her holistic experience covers all quantitative, qualitative and business strategy specialisms including; consumer segmentations, customer journeys, continuous CSI, CSR and employee engagement tracking studies, evaluation and optimisation of content, media, advertising and communication strategies, new product development and testing, new channel and content launches, and all areas of brand strategy.

Caroline joined the organization in June 2016 as Chief Executive Officer, Europe, Middle East and Africa and made an immediate impact on Lightspeed’s growth, client management and operations strategies. Focusing on emerging business opportunities, she brought a fresh perspective to the EMEA team. Prior to joining Lightspeed, Caroline was EMEA CEO for Hall & Partners where she led new business wins that enabled the launch of new offerings in key emerging markets within EMEA. Caroline has a strong passion for helping businesses grow in purposeful and profitable ways, which includes taking a very active interest in supporting, driving and celebrating the social, political and economic achievement of women around the world through great initiatives like WIRE. She holds a B.A. Hons business Management degree and a Market Research Diploma.

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