Online Marketing Research Best Practices: Survey Sample

Online marketing research is an efficient way to gain a better understanding of your customers and how to attract and retain; conducting these types of surveys and questionnaires is an excellent means of gaining quantitative data to creative effective marketing campaigns.


The practical value of your surveys and primary marketing research methods is highly contingent on your sample. An effective survey sample consists of four main components:

  1. Define Your Target Audience – Surveying the right people is critical to ensuring that the data you obtain has value and will help you achieve your marketing goals. To select the right target audience to survey, you must first think about the goals of your marketing research.
  2. Select Appropriate Sample Size – It’s important to survey enough people in your target market for you to be able to gain feedback that has actual value. Survey too few people and your results will be meaningless; survey too many people and the data will be difficult to analysis.
  3. Utilize An Effective Survey Distribution Method – Think about your target customer. If you are targeting young millennials, using a social intelligence tool, mobile platform or app to distribute your surveys would be an effective means of gauging their opinions on your product. Always select a survey distribution method that your target audience will be most likely to respond to.
  4. Capture Quality Results – Ensure your marketing research data is relevant and applicable to your objectives. It doesn’t matter how many people you talk to if you are talking to over-reporters or fraudulent respondents. Who you talk to and their level of survey engagement will significantly affect the quality of your survey.


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