Video Answers

Enhance your story by incorporating Video Answers in quant research

Capturing short videos in a survey is a powerful way to elicit deeper consumer insights that can enhance Quantitative research projects. These self-completed videos enable detailed respondent input that can be gathered quickly, efficiently and at scale.

Benefits to using Kantar’s Video Answers:

  • Incorporate Mass Qual techniques into Quant research
  • Create a more direct link between product users and creators: Hear words, feelings, tones and emotions people use to describe products and needs
  • Shorten surveys: one video answer can replace several open-ended questions
  • Add a Qualitative element with limited lead time
  • Gain richer insights with the same survey

Kantar offers:

  • Basic Video Capture
    • Includes scripting by Kantar
    • Incremental incentives
    • Editing – removing poor data
    • Data storage
  • Enhanced
    • Basic Video Capture,
    • Video show reel creation,
    • Analysis through Voxpopme
    • Transcription/translation incorporated into video