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  • The Lightspeed Panel Book

    Global Research, Quality Respondents

    At Lightspeed, the strengths we share around the world – our core standards – allow us to facilitate a deep understanding of consumer opinions and behavior. From innovation marketing research technologies to proven sampling methodologies, our consumer insights measure millions of respondents in North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East. Download our market research panelbook today.


  • ESOMAR 28

    28 Questions to Help Research Buyers of Online Sample

    ESOMAR created a list of 28 questions to help researchers participate in an open discussion about the online research methodology for research projects. The compiled answers will help marketing research buyers ensure they receive what they expect from an online sample provider. Download Lightspeed’s ESOMAR 28 today.


  • Lightspeed's QuestionArts Intelligent Components

    Companies want simple, faster, better access to data and people and Lightspeed has heard this message loud and clear. Industry statistics have overwhelmingly communicated that consumers are living and working on their smartphones and tablets, but researchers are not writing surveys to reach a representative audience.

    Download the QuestionArts Intelligent Components eBook with everything you need to know for modern survey design.

  • Lightspeed's AmplifyR Appends

    Integrate your insights with Lightspeed’s AmplifyR Appends. When it comes to your marketing research project – richer insights, deeper audience understanding and superior results begin with relevant data. Lightspeed’s AmplifyR Appends provides an enhanced profile of your consumers. By combining consumer third party data with our panelists’ profiles, Lightspeed marries behavioral and attitudinal data to paint a more complete portrait of your target consumer.

  • Modernizing Market Research through Sourcing, Surveying & Data Integration

    If you’re looking for the right data from real people, you must modernize your approach to data collection.

    Technology has a way of improving tried-and-true methodologies in many industries, and marketing research is no exception. Where at one time qualitative best practices included 20 to 40 minute online surveys, respondents are no longer completing that type of research. This is where a modern approach to quantitative research comes into play.

    What does a “modern approach” to quantitative research look like? Download the eBook to explore.

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