Case Studies


  • comScore Captures and Validates Real World Behaviors Through Lightspeed’s Management of ComScore’s Total Home Panel™

    Consumers live in the now; they are connected to hundreds of friends and followers through an endless number of devices. Few marketing challenges are trickier than trying to identify and recognize what drives their attitudes and behaviors. What they do and what they say can be vastly different in today’s mobile world.

  • Mobile Case Study

    Today’s digital consumer no longer spends the majority of their device time on a PC, challenging researchers to find representative sample across the digital landscape. To capture a representative audience, produce engaged respondents and improve overall data quality, the Lightspeed team utilized

    QuestionArts Intelligent Components and Mobile First guidelines to design a modern survey for a leading market research firm.

  • Honesty Detector: Computer Software Company

    Faced with the challenge of inconsistent data across sample providers, the client turned to Lightspeed to better understand the issues behind bad responses and fix their approach to online research.

  • Honesty Detector: International Advisory Company

    Faced with significant data quality issues that had led to a large number of interviews being cleaned out on the back-end and extended fielding times, the client approached Lightspeed for recommendations on ways to improve the quality of responses being collected in real-time.

  • Honesty Detector: Market Research Firm

    Lightspeed Honesty Detector helps a market research firm uncover Chinese consumer electronic purchasing behaviors with superior, validated data.

  • Mobile: Large CPG Company

    The client was presented with a holistic understanding of consumer behaviors and emotional motivators at the moment of purchase and consumption through Lightspeed’s mobile diary study.

  • Survey Design Services: Sony Music

    Lightspeed Survey Design Service team partnered with Sony Music UK to create a survey experience that would appeal to younger, more music-oriented audiences, while focusing on ways to encourage qualitative feedback.

  • Survey Design Services: Mintel

    Lightspeed  worked with Mintel to re-design its surveys and examine the efficiency of the questions and options, as well as how the data was used.

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