Custom Panels

One Powerful Solution

Custom Panels and Communities that provide integrated quantitative and qualitative insights

Kantar Custom Panels are a global research platform that delivers a comprehensive, ongoing understanding of your target audience. Whether you want to build a simple private panel or observe conversations and identify emerging trends through our community features, Kantar has the flexibility to meet your unique needs.

To build and maintain your exclusive Kantar private panel, we apply the same industry-leading management expertise used on our global proprietary panels. Use your private panel to conduct ad copy and concept testing, brand assessment, attitude and usage and share of wallet tests. Get real-time data on current topics and industry trends.

Integrated Communities

Leverage your consumers’ natural energy to create their ideal products, services and brand expressions

Communities, which can be a subset of a larger panel, are facilitated by experts who encourage dialogue, ideation, creation, feedback and unexpected insights. They are used throughout the research cycle, from early stage exploration and concept/ad testing to line extensions and promotional evaluations.

With Kantar Custom Communities, you can:

  • Monitor and seed discussions to observe current trends
  • Invite consumers to become an integral part of the brand’s transformation
  • Mine insights on attitudes toward the environment, the economy, family, their feelings about the future, etc.
  • Deep dive into the consumer purchasing decision process