Kantar Profiles Network

Delivering Insights you need Faster, with Speed and at Scale

We’ve simplified, streamlined and scaled how you access respondent profiles in compliant ways.

The Kantar Profiles Network is the largest in the industry and built with highly validated, permission-based respondents. Our unprecedented reach combined with enhanced sample and connected data sources creates unique audiences you can’t find anywhere else – all through a single access point.

  • 88 Million Research-Ready Respondents*
  • 45 Million Enhanced Sample Reach**
  • 4,800 Profiling Attributes
  • 70 Panel Markets

Our proprietary platform for the Profiles Network was designed to uniquely connect, verify, append and activate your data, and programmatically link you to new audiences. It enables seamless, faster, more efficient sampling than traditional methods by offering:

  • Dynamic access to our exclusive network of global panels
  • Compliantly enhance connected sample via cookies, tagging, matching and hashed emails
  • Scaled media activation capabilities
  • Fast answers through Quick Poll and existing non-proprietary studies
  • Exclusive access to Kantar’s LifePoints Panel

Trust the data you collect with us; we ensure data collection and connection is done in respect of data protection regulations around the world.

* Respondent Reach: 100% permission-based respondents, managed to participate in research surveys
** Enhanced Sample Reach: Richer double opt-in respondent profiles, built from compliantly matching/appending/tagging behavioral data to panelist profiles