Survey Health Score

Better Quality, Deeper Insights

Poorly designed surveys suffer data quality consequences. By putting ‘survey health’ firmly on the agenda for driving quality-focused, actionable insight, Kantar captures real time user feedback and satisfaction levels across all surveys and helps drive continuous improvement.

Survey Health Score (SHS) is our proprietary engagement assessment metric to help analyze and benchmark survey design techniques, length of interview affects and the influence of devices.

SHS enables you to better understand and respond to data quality. After a survey is complete, respondents are given two single-choice questions regarding their enjoyment of the survey. Combining these results with the survey drop-out-rate, a proprietary algorithm calculates a questionnaire’s SHS. Scores are then rated against all previously ranked projects.

Benefits to knowing your Survey Health Score:

  • Improved, higher quality data: Increase survey satisfaction rates to drive better results
  • Powerful insights: Identify and implement steps for survey improvement
  • Highly engaged panelists: Better surveys lead to higher feasibility and faster fieldwork