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Lightspeed Survey Design Services



The world is changing, and the way consumers view, access and consume media is evolving faster than any of us could have imagined. To improve the respondent experience, surveys need to be:

Aesthetically appealing
Short and concise


Lightspeed continues to assist clients in implementing survey design techniques which help make surveys more engaging and exciting for the respondent.  Lightspeed’s Question Arts is consistently recognized in the industry for its innovation and quality. Recent wins include:

  • Best Presentation at the ESOMAR Asia Pacific Conference
  • Best Impact through Applications of Research Award at the 2014 BIG/MRS CPS Conference
  • The Keith Murno Award for Best Presented Paper at the British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association Annual Conference
  • The Silver Prize at ESOMAR’s Digital Dimensions Conference


Lightspeed Re-Track offers a full-scale review of your existing trackers, exploring areas for improvement including sampling, structure, question formats and design. By helping clients understand how effective their current trackers are and identifying areas that can be improved, Re-Track ensures optimal fieldwork design for tracking projects and large-scale ad hoc engagements. Re-Track explores tracker redesign, including sampling structure, question formats and design and makes updating and improving your tracker an effortless experience by running parallel studies to test the impact of study redesign on survey results.