Survey Design Services

Lightspeed Survey Design Services


The world is changing, and the way consumers view, access and consume media is evolving faster than any of us could have imagined. Every day, consumers are spending more and more time connected to their devices. This is where they live and this is where they work. As marketers, we must adapt the way we engage with our consumers, otherwise we risk losing their insights. Lightspeed’s award-winning QuestionArts programming and design solution team guarantees:

Improved User Experience

Lightspeed has built a strong reputation as a thought leader in the design and implementation of engaging surveys with a consumer-centric focus. Through is design tools, Lightspeed continues to assist clients in implementing survey design techniques which help make surveys more engaging and exciting for the respondent.

Optimized for Today’s Consumer

Are you creating surveys suitable for cross-platform data collection? QuestionArts Intelligent Components enable surveys to respond to a panelist’s device with rich, innovative features and an enhanced touch screen experience. Intelligent Components ensure surveys are optimized for respondents on all devices, screen sizes and orientations, delivering a vastly improved user experience and enhanced data quality to clients.

Enriched Data Quality

Mobile First design is essential for quality research. It’s not enough that we make surveys available to mobile devices; surveys need to be designed for the mobile device.



Lightspeed Re-Track offers a full-scale review of your existing trackers, exploring areas for improvement including sampling, structure, question formats and design. By helping clients understand how effective their current trackers are and identifying areas that can be improved, Re-Track ensures optimal fieldwork design for tracking projects and large-scale ad hoc engagements. Re-Track explores tracker redesign, including sampling structure, question formats and design and makes updating and improving your tracker an effortless experience by running parallel studies to test the impact of study redesign on survey results.